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I would just like to thank the parents of these men. Like wow damn, congrats on that DNA.

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  • Anonymouseverlark smut?
  • peetasbunmyoven

    Is this a request for recs or for me to write it? Well I took it is that and this happened. Whoops! Enjoy! NC17

    I raged until my voice was ragged. Cried until my eyes stung. Wrung myself out until my body was limp with the dark hopelessness that always follow my dreams of her.

    And Peeta stayed.

    Pulled me off the cold floor and into his lap in front of the fire.

    I can feel the hot breaths leave his lips into my disheveled hair, his full thighs beneath my bare ones. They are so warm covered in thin flannel.

    Breathing is still a struggle. Some days I have to remind myself to pull air in. The idea of letting it rush from my lungs as I slowly sink is an appealing one.  One I toy with when the bath is too full and I find myself staring at a single droplet of water clinging to the faucet’s rim.

    But what would happen to Peeta?

    What would he do here without me?

    He’s so solid behind me now. Beneath me. His bare chest pressed to my spine and he is as steady as ever.

    As broken as me.

    With my body fitted to his this way I feel like we each make up of half of a broken whole. Our limbs and lines, scars and skin bind us together so that we still work, just differently.

    His arm is heavy around my waist his fingers anchoring me at my hip.

    Let me go…

    I can’t…

    Those words.

    This man.

    I’m so glad he’s here.

    I tighten my hold on his hand against my stomach. Mine is so dark, so small covering his.

    I never want him to let go.

    I want him to hold me tighter.

    I want …

    His exhale lifts the small hairs at the back of my neck and I feel my flesh begin to pebble and my toes curl. Leaning my head back into his shoulder I turn my head. Just enough. So I can feel the warm air against my skin. I can even feel his lips.

    He runs his thumb across my wrist and I open my palm. He drags his nails slowly along my skin up my arm to my elbow and down again all the way to the tips of my fingers.

    It is meant to be soothing. A tactile rhythmic comfort but it isn’t. It makes my chest burn and my stomach quiver. It makes my skin feel tight and hot and my lungs can’t seem to pull in enough air.

    Linking our fingers I lift his hand and pull it across my stomach and lower, settling them over my thighs until his fingers brush warmly at the edge of my nightgown. The calloused tips catch on the frivolous capital satin just as I feel his breath catch behind me.

    Because I once again place my hand over his and drag the material up my legs an inch at a time.

    Shaking fingers, heaving breaths, excruciating inches at a time until his skin meets my panties.


    His words are hardly that. They are a rush of warm air pushed passed dry lips as his body trembles behind me.

    His fingers twitch and bear down just a little. It is so slight but it makes my eyes roll back and a heavy groan leave his chest when my head drops upon his shoulder entirely.

    I lick my lips. Turn my head until I can whisper against his neck.

    “Please. Peeta…”

    My bottom lip catches against his skin. The stubble golden in the firelight and perfectly rough against my smooth mouth.

    “Touch me please.”

    My words hang in the air. Trapped between my exhale and the steady pulse beneath his jaw. I watch fascinated as it clenches and his throat rolls as he swallows a whimper trapped there.

    His fingers tighten on one thigh while his other hand remains between my closed limbs. Both hands drift and graze along my skin until each of Peeta’s palms cup my knees.

    Until he brings his hands beneath them and lifts settling my thighs over his.

    I can feel his knees between my legs. They move. Slowly opening , causing mine to as well. They open wide and those palms once again travel up the inside of my thighs making them shake and my back arch before he reaches my panties.

     I’m wet. I know he can feel it.


    He groans it into my hair behind my ear. Such a filthy word. It sounds delicious from his lips. He begins to use them then. Leaving wet open mouthed kisses along my neck and into my shoulder.

    I moan out loud and grind once again into where he’s hard beneath me. I love that every noise I make he makes one back as his fingers dig into the skin of my legs.

    One index finger traces the edge. His nail catching on elastic and cotton before slipping beneath.

    “Fuck Katniss. Oh fuck.”

    “Please Peeta.”

    His finger slides and catches and then sinks into me. Thick and heavy and it makes me sigh and Peeta  groan. His other hand digs into my hip and when he adds a second finger I cry out because it is just so good.

    My hips move. With a mind of their own they move in a desperate undulating roll. Peeta’s do as well. He pins my ass to his lap and I can feel him and it is wonderful. His fingers curl up and my hips bear down. All of this makes me light headed. Peeta’s pants are in my ear as are his delicious sounds and his teeth graze my neck, bite my pulse, his tongues soothes it and it is all too much.

    Too much and perfect because I feel alive beneath his mouth. Because I come apart beneath his hands with a loud cry into a quiet room.

    My toes curl, my back arches, and Peeta stays.

    If not for his arm I would have shot off his lap but he stays and has me held safely by his baker’s hands and tense muscled arm. By his nose buried beneath my chin and his teeth on my skin.


    “Please never let me go.”

    His fingers are still inside me. I can smell the sweat in his hair.

    Pressing a kiss to my temple he whispers, “Never. I can’t.”

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Josh and a fan competing in a dance competition at his 3rd Annual Celebrity Basketball game at L.A. Live on August 8, 2014

Josh was always gonna be the winner no contest! LOL. Lizzie is one lucky girl to get to dance with Josh this year and get a fake proposal from Josh the year before, I think her parents paid for her the ultimate Josh SBNN experience as her 15th & 16th birthday present. The girl probably already has the Josh crush for life, it will be hard for her to get over. BTW, she’s probably even taller than Jen and she’s gonna be a very tall girl by the time she’s 21.

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Please reblog if you wouldn’t act differently around a friend if they came out as bisexual, gay, lesbian, asexual, pansexual, polysexual, or admitted to being trans, agender, genderfluid, or bigender.

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And then I find out the fanfic hasn’t updated for over a year.



This was my life when I first started reading Hunger Games fanfic

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everyone needs to watch this video before they log off tonight

well, now I know what I’m doing every time a car alarm goes off

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